27 July 2011


My kind of heroism tale:

  • 72-yr-old bloke playing dominoes with pal

  • Two armed men burst in - clearly intent on no good - one (30-ish bastard) stabbed in the front, good man-to-man stuff.

    In the chest - no foppish low blow - fatally.

  • Gimme an high 5. I don't usually go in for these Americanisms but in this case I exceptionalise.

  • The other bloke gets away but later checks into a hospital, also stabbed, unfortunately not fatal.

  • ^5 #2

  • I needed some good news ~ BBC TV News coverage of Norway massacre segueing into report of some popular singer's funeral arrangements, complete with cringe-making shots of blubbing family and hangers-on.

    Is there no adult channel one can watch for grown-up news? Are they merging everything into one ~ news lite, Pick of the Pops, Old Grey Snuffed It Test, Bill and Ben?

  • Thank gawd for the likes of Cecil Coley.
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