10 July 2011


dMy pal Sasha came to stay for a few days, she who'd lent me the DVD of Thank You for Smoking that I was watching in my brother's house when it dawned on me that my box of jewels was sitting on the neighbouring dressing table.


I had a favourite favourite cardigan bought by my ex wife 20 years ago right here in Corfu.

I spotted it immediately as a candidate for export - but where hide it?

nightThen a brilliant thought - give it to Sasha to take home.

But not a word to the others ~ I wanted the glee of watching everyone sniffing around and wondering where the darned thing had gone.

Curses foiled ...

cDECANTER - In turn, Sasha had given the house a wonderful decanter and two glasses.

As I've acquired an eye for what my mother prefers to donate to the 'Mausoleum Formerly Known as Thefti', I've learnt what to hide away in advance.

I had thought of smashing one of the glasses, rather than have it vanish without trace into the maw of the Theftiria), but a vigilant pal whisked it away for safe keeping ... heh heh.

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