18 July 2011

Kyma Kyma Kyma ...

Hey girls (and other Kymaleons), gather round.

Big day coming up ~ le tout Corfu will be milling and spilling and troughing and sluicing.

So listen up ~ I may not say it again.

  • That demure Caroline PHILP is having an official opening of her wonderful Kyma gallery.



    FEEDS & POSTS ~ Cornucopia of Carolinia


    I know we've stood there knocking back the Fixes, jeering at the forlorn figure across the road, crouched over her tiles and tapestries ... and all the time we believed that Pebble Purveying Periptero was actually open. Doh!

    Wrong, sweeties. That was just practice to see who her real friends are ...

    Mark your diaries for the count-down.

    WHEN? - Sunday 24 July

    I mean really when? 20:30 - 23:30 [8:30pm - 11:30pm]

    WHERE? - Kontokali. near the entrance road to the Gouvia Marina, opposite Navigators. Tel. 6938376462

    WAZZUP? - Caroline invites you to the official opening of her new shop.

    GLUG GLUG - "Join us to have a glass of champagne and if you wish to stay longer, some great live music at the Navigators bar just over the road."

    IF you wish to stay longer? IF?

    That Pebble Pushing Poppet is just too darned polite.

    Read my lips - no If.

    aThat chickadee is bankrupting herself serving up champagne (ok, it's one glass only, I grant you, but the price of that glass could pay for some thread to patch up a raggedy hand-me-down, or a bus ticket home, or some fresh plastic for the flip-flops she wore out trudging home for lack of that bus ticket ...).

    Things'll improve as we punters keep her cash register ringing, so up 'n' at it, citoyens.

    Of course you stay longer and drink a little, peruse a little, spend a little, drink some more, spend some more. Drink spend, drink, spend ... spend, drink ... spend spend drink ... er, spend.

    Anyone caught darting out into the night without at least one original 'Philp' in their knapsack will be pilloried and persecuted ... repeat offenders will be reported to Susan.


    (Said in scariest basso profundo 'Godfather-meets-the-Crypt-Keeper-meets-Voldemort-meets-Unrefusable Offer' voice.)

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