25 June 2011


kyma'Caroline, Yes', the Beachboys should be singing.

Just the nicest person has set up shop in Kontokali, opposite the savvy Navigators, so that's double incentive to pop over and spend spend spend til Daddy takes the T-bird away.

[Likes of you shouldnt be driving flash wheels like that anyway - get yerself a bike and spend the money where it should be ~ chez Carolina.]

KYMA: Look for Caroline Philp's bijou wave of knickery knackery for the discerning.

I was going to say, even if you don't buy, but of course you will:

Look into my eyes, all self-control deserts you ... you are kymatose with desire to spend.

See Caroline's till? Empty your purse therein. Yes, madam, that includes you.


But even if you don't buy, you can often find Caroline across the road at the Navigators and she is well worth chatting up for her fund of local info' and just honest nix BS friendliness.

  • That's Caroline on the right, looking as if she's signing another mega cheque but is in fact posing for me as 'Artist at Work'.

  • Next to Caroline is Sue Peacock of the Navigators; she's lighting a Cohiba with a €100 note from last night's takings.

  • If I had my guitar studio and sulking room ready, I'd buy a load of Carolinia and especially that mobile.

    That's all, except to say that even if you don't buy and don't chat up La C, try one of the Navvy's excellent burgers.

    Right, that's all the freebie plugs everyone gets for one day.

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