16 June 2011


Friday Frolics and to the nouveau Navigators eaterie and chummery [which needs its own new website to do it justice], there to be blasted by Roy Kendal's new band, starring the fantabulosa Maria Goros.

Perfect end to a week of lawyers and builders and online bankery wankery ... in other words, the usual.

All the Players there, hobbing and nobbing and ordering the costliest drinks (with babe) or, like me, modest Mythoi. (Except when Bunny is serving in which case I break the wallet and affect a taste for Jim Beam wiv a dash of the Dom)

dAXE TO GRIND ~ I love Roy but the bastard has a cellar of dream guitars for which I can't quite forgive him. He usually plays his PRS [sub-editor, shove a link in here ~ bravo!].

Perfect placement - the Navigators is a perfect venue, thanks to inside for dancing and prancing and outside where we can smoke and check out pals and new talent.

aFood - did i mention sustenance? Read my lips - their burgers.

That's the attentive courteous Baz over there. Super guy. Always cheerful and ready to leap to serve. A gem.

gBOP TIL DROP ~ What a tight sound and what a front lady is Maria. I'd not heard her and distrusted the posters themselves describing her as 'sensational'.

Ahem, chaps, *I* will decide if a chanteuse is sensationale. But they were right.

fVolume ~ no, not how much i drank that crazed evening but the sheer bully sound the guys put out. Oh poh poh, i couldnt help wondering about the neighbours trying to put diddums to sleep.

The fuzz went by now and then with lights flashing but we kept bopping til after midnight, so connections remain all. (Doncha love liviing in Greece where everything can be 'arranged'? I'll drink to that ~ "Bunny, a top up of bubbly, if you'd be so kind)

MARIA - phwoah! A looker and a belter. Great great handler of a song.

hACE OF BASS - I don't usually notice the bass - rather like movie music - but Jon was really in there, driving the tunes along, counter-temping now n then to flavour a change of heart beat.

bAmbiance - what an atmosphere!

Everyone looked happy and eager to make the most of the evening.

Old friends boisterously glad to meet up; new friends met with open hearts; strangers made welcome; what it's all abaht, really

eEveryone got in the spirit and you could see that we were up on a plane above the daily grind.

A band to follow; a venue to add to your favorites. Bravo that Susan!

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