15 June 2011

Necessary Protection Systems

"Mike in Corfu" mails me (and one or two others) from itrivoli@tellas.gr with the reassurance that

"I shall not provide such information to your website, nothing personal, but you are very unlikely to have the necessary protection systems in place."
He then proceeds to ignore the very basic 'protection system' of the bcc button and consequently shares with me a veritable spammer/stalker's treasure trove of distinguished names and addresses, many of which do not appear in my own contacts list, and for very good reasons of elusive inaccessibility of the owners who want nothing to do with the uriah heep likes of yours truly.

I have of course added these outed gentry forthwith and will be e-pestering and irking them sans delay.

agathosj@otenet.gr; koumkuat@otenet.gr; layla_grubb@msn.com; alvitaanamaterou@inlife.gr; alvitaamaterou@hotmail.com; andrews.corfu@hotmail.co.uk; aanemogiannis@aquisresorts.com; angelis@otenet.gr; metafrasi.corfu@gmail.com; alexina@otenet.gr; countryclub@hol.gr; moreson@otenet.gr; kakkasf@hcaa.gr; a.backolis@gmail.com; sballenweg@web.de; mikeincorfu@hotmail.com; d.blom@hotmail.com; kathy_boyland@yahoo.co.uk; sallyloveslaughing@hotmail.com; viv4daz@yahoo.com; paulinebuchan29@yahoo.co.uk; maranda.caldy [shurely shome mishtake? Miranda Caldi, non?] @yahoo.co.uk; kerrkyravet@yahoo.gr; brianc@otenet.gr; clashco@otenet.gr; office@cpacorfu.com; briandavidcogan@googlemail.com; sheriineurope@live.com; info@thecorfuclub.com; jdryden2004@yahoo.co.uk; jjdarbey@hotmail.com; info@corfurealestate.net; spiros_des@yahoo.gr; misfut@otenet.gr; info@corfudominoes.com; dunford.tony@gmail.com; sarahedrury@hotmail.com; durrels@otenet.gr; mwedward44@hotmail.com; corfuvet@yahoo.gr; amcfu@cosmos.co.uk; kalandi@otenet.gr; info@hoteltelesilla.com; julieforshaw@hotmail.com; sourayya@tellas.gr; lukimar@otenet.gr; marjogianaki@gmail.com; vidos@otenet.gr; drgiourgas@gmail.com; corfucius [cheeky bugger! filching the name of a scurrilous blog]@gmail.com; hartmann@otenet.gr; chrissymhill@hotmail.com; busker@gmail.com; huizing@otenet.gr; hunstone@ath.forthnet.gr; hutch60@hotmail.com; info@segwaycorfu.com; lismonia@otenet.gr; kem_nkavadiias@germanos.gr; trishy61@yahoo.com; koriem1kat@yahoo.gr; gouvia@medmarinas.com; spyros-min@acn.gr; marino21@marinopoulos.gr; kyklosp@otenet.gr; laskaris@chandris.gr; laskaris@yahoo.com; christopher.lawson@rocketmail.com; ronnstel@otenet.gr; lincoln@otenet.gr; eileenlincoln@gmail.com; nefeliht@otenet.gr; sophie.mallard@gmail.com; mcgovern@otenet.gr; susiemaneta@hotmail.com; jkinafra@hotmail.com; victoriamartini@vm-events.com; jonny_helen@hotmail.com; argopool@hotmail.com; moransabroad@hotmail.co.uk; 2roger@forthnet.gr; roger@ker.forthnet.gr; hilary.paipeti@gmail.com; mpascoe@otenet.gr; sales@agni-travel.com; corfu@alyachting.com; info@corfuyachtingsupplies.com; evenos61@otenet.gr; sales@iris-computers.gr; aaphilipp@profi-gr.com; gpicoula@yahoo.co.uk; jimipotts@hotmail.com; mariapotts [omg! omg! I've been trying to get her contact details for yonks! Every signing session, bowing and scraping in the street ~ grovel grovel - but it's "Back you, dog! Yer the last sort of literary groupie I want smarming around me!" so cruel, but I digress] @hotmail.com; mariastrani_potts@yahoo.co.uk; info@ebenos.gr; info@corfuhomefinders.com; saskia@otenet.gr; katp66@hotmail.com; judyquin@otenet.gr; janttt5@yahoo.co.uk; bfckeith@yahoo.co.uk; spsalv@otenet.gr; rsanders@otenet.gr; schembri@otenet.gr; scotties.louloudi@inbox.com; sharpedigital@gmail.com; siegten@otenet.gr; jolexgab@yahoo.co.uk; psimpson@otenet.gr; pavla@otenet.gr; spatou@otenet.gr; wspeet@otenet.gr; chez_lui@otenet.gr; sissi@otenet.gr; shereet@hotmail.com; sticherou@yahoo.com; g-trikal@otenet.gr; tsakaso@otenet.gr; ntsatsa@meander.gr; valance@otenet.gr; serenerj@yahoo.co.uk; jwebster@otenet.gr; steve@corfugre.com; enquiries@thecorfuclub.com; penny.z@hotmail.co.uk; jasmin-m@gmx.at; slemis@otenet.gr; wcameron@otenet.gr

The subject of this mega-spam is "Membership Information" and the information referred to is that,

"In order to comply with Greek legislation we are now obliged to obtain a little more information on our Membership Forms, and in order to keep our books in the best and most efficient order, we would be very grateful if you could supply The ARK with the following details:


Oh, and oodles of other data (such as Permit/Passport Number) that I have no intention of letting slip to some of the oicks listed above.

But wait! What is this? 'Mike in Corfu' sends me the mail but one 'Ileana TRIVOLI' actual signeth it ~ Treasurer of the ARK Animal Welfare Charity.

I must lose no time strengthening my necessary protection systems by removing my details forthwith from such loose-lipped ARKives.

Conspicuous by absence ~ Observe, Watson, how certain names have gone all too conspicuously AWOL. What means this? That they are too good to be listed with us riff-raff likes of us? That they don't like animals? ['Holmes! You go too far!']

A three-martini mystery ... meanwhile, I have set the bloodhound algorithms spinning and will be posting a rival list of 'The Missing'.

I was going to conclude, 'They know who they are' but since they aren't on the original mailing list, how can they?

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