07 June 2011


That corker to the right - the Pippa Middleton dark horse of the Giggs 'n' Thomas Laugh-In - is Natasha Giggs, slinky sister-in-law of Randy Ryan and, shock horror, yet another of his bedmates. Lucky sod.

If I was the fragrant Imogen, far from curling up and dying, I'd be hooting my hooters off - dudette, even Samson would have been hard put to bring down as varied a temple of tossers as these.

And the funniest ironicalest part of all this is that Giggs originally took out his costly SuperTwit Injunction to silence the one person who never intended to rat on him in the first place - La Imogena. You couldn't make it up.

Extra-marital ~ or make that extra exTRAH marital, I mean blimey! Who wasn't having it orf with whom?

"At the weekend, Giggs’ injunction, taken out earlier this year, came under renewed scrutiny after allegations emerged that the married father of two, conducted an extra-marital affair with his sister-in-law, Natasha Giggs.

Mrs Giggs, 28, is married to the former Welsh international's younger brother, Rhodri. [Ayup, that'll make for a frosty silence over the family brek and down t'pub later wi' bro' Ryan]

A Sunday newspaper claimed that she met the footballer in a nightclub in March 2003, before she married his brother, and that the affair had continued until April this year.

She announced the alleged affair through Max Clifford, the publicist, [sneaky!] after learning of Giggs' relationship with Imogen Thomas, a former Big Brother reality television star.

giggs and wifeHe had not told his wife, Stacey about that affair.

It remains unclear if she was aware of the latest claims. [Well, she is now - and she's not a patch on Tassia]

Marketing experts said firms would now be hesitant to become involved with him after building his reputation over a glittering career as being a happily married family man."

At the weekend, his brother Rhodri’s wife Natasha revealed that sheand Giggs had an eight-year affair.

She is said to have regularly slept with the £80,000-a-week star until April this year, during which time she and Rhodri had a son who will be five this summer. Double oops.

The alleged affair raises the prospect that Rhodri could now demand a paternity test to examine the possibility that his brother is actually the father of the child.

‘He looks just like Rhodri – but then the two brothers also look very similar,’ a friend was quoted as saying.

Nonsense! Rhodri - weird name, Welsh? - has a distinctly dusky look to him; not unusual in the valleys. Whitey Ryan on t'other hand is a sponsor's delight. Was.

The boy was born in August 2006, two months before Ryan and Stacey Giggs’s own son was born.

DNA testing experts confirmed that there would be sufficient markers in samples from brothers who were not genetically identical twins to establish paternity.

Rhodri fled abroad yesterday after apparently telling friends that his marriage is over.

Third lover - the beat goes on. This one definitely has legs, splayed if no longer so munificently sponsored. As longer as we see and hear more of Pippa-Natasha, I'm not complaining.


Simon Baddeley said...

Laclos' Les Liaisons Dangereuses was said to show the decadence of the aristocracy shortly before the French Revolution, exposing the perversions of the Ancien Régime. However, the book has also been described as a vague, amoral story....

Anonymous said...

One of your postings from about a week ago seems to have disappeared.

Corfucius said...

i edit non-stop. sometimes someone whose opinion i respect disapproves or alerts me to more info coming ... my blog shifts and shunts as my mood takes me.

Corfucius said...

good comment. my own madame merteuil arrives soon to stay awhile and regen my batteries