19 June 2011


I have always always fancied ex-Madame Sarkozy, Cécilia Attias, over that Bruni usurper.

Don't tell me - I would be a lamb to the guillotine.

J'sais! That's part of the attraction, mon dieu!

aAnd now news has it that Mlle Attias will be publishing an autobiographical novel in 2012.

Cat fight! And the French do these things with such aplomb.

There's something about her non-eyes and shrew-sharp nose that should send me scampering but tempts me.

xI mean, what a deal Le Gnome did with her:

d"Stick with me thru the election and say nowt about me and Carla, and then you can hike off."

Tick tick must've gone her feline cellules grises.

"Soddez cela pour une alouette, mais OK.

One day. Par tes goolies. I'll have you, you squit."

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