13 July 2011


I love to see the Filth clutching at straws, gasping for life-lines, wanking not waving.

Here is as unconvincing a pack of smarmy pathetica as you'll see smearing your screens over the hack factory probes.

ANDY HAYMAN ~ do stick it out until 3 mins 26 secs in when Andrew Hayman knots the noose round his scurvey scrannel.

If ever guilt spilled forth, it's here - lies lies and more lies, including 'a' and 'the'.

I was actually after the Beeb coverage of Hayman exploding with his now famous Good God! reaction to a pointed suggestion.

Heebers jeebers! Can you imagine the arse covering and fall-guy scrabbling going on? Gotta love it.

News in - the hot 'Bekah resigns.

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