27 October 2011

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I've told this story so often of my unsuccessful purchase from Multirama / Sanyo, but a crusading techie journo pal wants me to put something online to which she can refer the top Multirama~Sanyo honchos when she buttonholes them at trade fairs or interviews them in their own offices.

  • I think she plans a consumer magazine report on the straightforward sloppy customer care of allowing a brand new camera to go unrepaired for so long.

  • Next, a Businessweek-style investigative article including interviews and quotes with the top execs.

    Purely on the customer care side, the more information there is out there about stores like Multirama, the more informed new customers are and therefore the more likely to make informed decisions based on experiences such as mine.

    On the trade press and trade fairs front, she has a list of people she wants to discuss her findings with and ask them how much are they really told about how the 'little people' fare when purchases go wrong:

    Ioannis D. Karagiannis
    Mr. Stavros Papadopoulos
    Mr. Ioannis Vasjla'kos


    Mr Nikolaos St. Papageorgiou
    Polichronis Ladonikolas
    Nikolaos G. Papageorgiou
    Georgios Koukoulas
    Stavros Lekkakos
    Vasilios Kakoulidis
    Liveras Pagratis

    QUIZ INQUISITOR - she's one of these reporters who loves shoving little surveys into her articles.


  • JUNE 9, 2011: Purchase of Xacti CG20 from the Solari branch of Multirama.

  • JULY 16: Finally fed-up with the monitor wobbling and drooping, I took it back to the shop and asked should a month-old camera be behaving this way. I was told no and they efficiently packaged it for sending to Athens branch and gave me a receipt and repair docket.

  • AUGUST 17: Checked on progress. None. Call back in a few weeks.

  • Friday SEPTEMBER 16: Check again, this time with journo pal in tow but who stayed silent.

    On previous times, I'd gone downstairs and talked to the tech help rep at the little office at the back. This time I was ambushed on the top floor by a pushy sales rep who gave me a lecture on patience and how Multirama was only the sales conduit and that Sanyo was a big company and I couldnt expect instant attention.

    I commented on the fact that it was a new camera and that trust in the Multirama name was why I brought my money there and not some hick store round the corner.

    To my amused astonishment, he suddenly burst into a tirade lecture about how he worked six days a week and never took a break but Athens worked four days a week and big companies like Sanyo seemed never to be on call ... and I should be patient. I insisted on going down to tech help, to where the salesman followed me and briefed the tech helper who made a half-hearted call to Sanyo but reported that the person in charge of my case was at lunch.

    At this point, my silent but Greek-speaking tech journalista pal decided to make this case her own.

  • Wednesday 12 OCTOBER, 3pm Checked with Tech Support who called Sanyo Hellas 'Camera Support' in Athens and returned, puzzled, to tell me that they had declared it out of guarantee. He would investigate and get back.

    Multirama ~ 23 km National Road Athens - Lamia Agios Stefanos Attica, GR 145 ~ info@multirama.gr


    Sanyo Hellas ~ Sanyo Hellas Holding SA ~ 12th km NR Athens-Lamia 14451 Athens, Attica ~ Tel: 210 2894600 & 210 2894620 ~ e-mail: info@shh.gr

    Multirama SA
    Street: 23rd km Athens-Lamia Nat. Road
    City: 145 65 Attica Ag. Stefanos
    Country: Greece (Hellas) ~ Homepage: http://www.multirama.gr

    Phone: +30 1 629 7412
    Fax: +30 1 621 6154
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