19 March 2012



Scenes of riot on Dryftewood High when Yiorgas Clooney dared to be 'just looking' when he popped in to 'check out' Dame Caroline's array of exquisite kymalia.

Quothed an ashen-faced Inspector Dimitris Tombrou of the Kondokali Konstabulary,

"Here, you don't just 'peruse' Ms Caroline's wonderful wares.

Oki apo my watch.

You open your wallet or we open the cells."

The distinguished snowy-haired gentleman sharing the honours is Clooney père.

Commented Caroline Philp (prop.),

"Pity, really. Rather a pretty boy ~ I'd've given him a few minutes to see the light.

No hard feelings, I even offered to go bail for him but I was told there was a queue - including policières, who somehow managed to mishandle their handcuffs in such a way as to get 'entangled' with Mr Clooney's own wrist.

Pathetic, really."

A penitent Mr Clooney is pictured being led away from the bedlam.

Clooney dad: "Another fine mess you've landed us in.

Not even a chance of a small Fix?"

Bana: "I ask Mister Chris. Is ok?"

CH: "Certainly not. I see'd that look before in Carolina's eyes.

Besides, I don't see the wrassler bird anywhere around.

To the hoosegow with him."

Bana: "Sorry, Mr Clooney elder, I think Mr Holmes a little jealous."

CH: [splutter] "Me? Jealous? Hasn't that Black Maria arrived yet?"

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