05 March 2012


~ With God's grace ~

Message from our stalwart Vicar, John Gulland:

Dear Friends,

In successive newsletters during the past year we have reported our struggles to maintain financial support for a full-time Chaplain at HTC.

In the attached issue of 'PulseXtra' I report that the church Council have now concluded that it will not be possible to sustain full-time ordained leadership after September and HTC will be hoping to appoint a part-time Chaplain on a house-for-duty basis.

We would appreciate your prayers for the future life and ministry of HTC, that it might continue to serve the English speaking community of Corfu, offering vibrant witness and worship. We anticipate that with God's grace the ministry of HTC will continue to bear much fruit to God's glory.

With very best wishes,

Yours in Christ,

John Gulland
(Chaplain to Holy Trinity Anglican church, Corfu)

We - they - do need your prayers. I won't bother to make the obvious point that, more than prayers, it needs your moneh ~ we're an island of skint pensioners getting skinter by the hour.

I know my lately late mother is downing her trowel and advancing on Le Bon Dieu with her 'look':

"OK, the tree can stay and the snake ... well, just don't let me catch it anywhere around me.

In return, that trick you do turning ouzo into €uros ... and make it some decent dosh."

LBD: St Pete? How much we got in petty cash?

Pierre: [whispers]

LBD: Print more, direct celestial transfer ... and change her password, haven't had a decent siesta since she came on board ... what's that? Yes, yes, after she's fixed what's wrong with My datura."

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