10 May 2012


As any guitarist will tell you, that is the ideal table on which to change strings. Flat and soft.

Tasia had decided that the mats n rugs needed hosing down so we lugged them out and she got on with it.

Next she hung them out to dry and that's where I spotted this ideal.

Open Mic ~

This new blogspot design is roobish coz i can't tell where the heck i am, so i'm just going to tap and just going to bring in fotos and you'll have to make do.

Somewhere in this are photos of a great open mic gig session at Lucciola, and yes i did play.

Helas, Denise was snapping me and she's not on Facebook, sensible gel, so we havent seen each other since the gig so I've not been able to copy/transfer.

She did show me them on her camera and I look amazing, could have been posed, I look so real and poised.

It was a true gypsy open mic-type session, everyone cool and uninhibited - cept yrs truly of course, who arrived dressed like stiff whitey and proceeded to order all the posh stuff as the Real McCopouloi made do with gruel on account of these being the days of austerity and this a long-distance call with no one having any money.

Even Denise looked uneasy as the musicians eyed our groaning board and un-groaning us, and then they eyed very ungroaning Denise herself.

But that was OK because we'd brought D's son as token street cred pauper.

Full album - oh all right. Here's the complete album. I'm going to get in trouble here because it includes one or two stalkees who will send round their boyfriends to get medieval on my ass. And i think there're a few others who ticked the 'no publicity' box.

There was also a rembetika concert.


Corfu Bluesman said...

Sorry I missed it!

Corfucius said...

you would have loved it and idve dragged you up. v v friendly n i will ingratiate myself to be allowed to play every time. i might add the link to the whole album. another gig this saturday with the 'carnival animals' playing - thats what they call themselves and denise's lad, Leo, is part of them, so D n i will go to watch him strut his stuff.