01 May 2012


Read up coz I'm not joking and this chance won't come again.

A good pal is trying to raise fotoLibra's profile — run don't slouch here and 'Like' the heck out of everything you see.

You won't have to pretend; in fact, you'll be scrabbling for the 'Adore/Impressed/Yess!' bouton.

Sérieusement, Gwyn and fotoLIBRA are one of the heros keeping it real so ignore my flippant tone.

Do check it out, kick the tyres, prod around under the hood.

If this is the service you could do with, what kept you?

HOW SEND INDIVIDUALLY TO FB 'FRIENDS'? Zounds! There must be legions of my ex-galley slave buddies who shared the lash aboard the good ship HMS Bezosia and who for whom this sort of hack is eezie-peezie.

How can Gwyn alert all his FB pals? Someone must know. You guys must spam yer nearest n dearest daily ... Dudes! Share.

Calling all Corfucian Irregulars, come up with the goods and I will win brownie points from Gwyn's gorgeousa missus, Yvonne, and a nod of approval from her old man.

And you will get a mention in despatches.

Gad, I spoil you.

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