30 April 2012


Oh how funny - the opposite to our case where it was the Care Receiver who pulled off the purloining.

Bloody hell, wish someone had found and reported the theft of my own treasures.

" ... not expensive but had a high sentimental value ..."

That's exactly what I explained about the girls' heirlooms when one of the desperate excuses of self-disgust was that my knick-knacks were just cheap jewelry. Actually, there weren't all - the gifts from Cassie Woo were high grade bling, but that's not the point, is it? It's clutching at any old straw to turn the mirror from the deed.

"Heartless ... now suspicious ..."

Well yes, instant suspicion, but you also acquire the instant ability to 'read' the larcenous environment and either hide potential loot or get in there first and nick the opposition's good stuff to even the score.

Oh do listen to this, absolutely spot on. I could have been dictating it straight to copy:

" ... not expressed remorse. Wer all have things which happen to us in life, but we don't go stealing.

The real punishment ... is the loss of good character."

Alas not in the case of Villa Thefti.

Metal box said to have contained art materials and high-grade vellum paper ~ "all on paper" as per a Will, but nothing of the kind, it turns out: can't see any fronking drawing paper, just bits and bobs of unfinished sketchings.

As for codicils, extensions, etc for a Will ... never took place because the avocat moved address and the relevant documents were in my file and never asked for.

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