25 April 2012


Harry Evans in cracking form, hilariously mimicking the prince of darkness and tearing him to bits.

And James - does the boy speak english?

Counsel Robert Jay suggesting that Murdoch jnr seemed to be a bit thick in not spotting that there appeared to be a quid-pro-quo in the govt pushing for approval of the BSkyB bid after riding to 2010 election victoire with support of Murdoch papers.

What is Jimmy's clear reply?

"I simply wouldnt make that trade."

Worse than double-speak gobbledy-gook and delivered in his ghastly american accent, to boot.

Late breaking: this just in, hilarious Huntgate tree saga. This has legs.

Even Later Breaking ~ 'Making that trade' ~ My own daughter mails me from Olympia WA USA.

Evergreen State, since you ask. Triumphing, she is. Acrorss the board. Thanks again for asking.

Unwisely accuses her old man of inventing Americana Murdochiensa to make Rupert's boy look silly.

Para 8, my darling.

"During a sometimes terse exchange, Robert Jay QC, counsel to the inquiry, suggested that News Corp expected support for its BSkyB bid as a form of payback for its support of the Conservative Party in the general election.

Mr Jay suggested:

“You are somewhat blind to what might appear to the rest of us to be obvious, namely that this is in part a quid pro quo for that support?” Mr Murdoch said:

“There is absolutely not a quid pro quo for that support … I simply wouldn’t make that trade. It would be inappropriate to do so and I simply don’t do business that way.”


Simon Baddeley said...

See why I don't need to read the papers! Thanks.

Corfucius said...

thanks - but did you see the link? http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2012/04/25/murdoch-hacking-is-lazy.html?

when i went to check it, it was a dud; teach me to cut n paste Daily Beast links sans checking.