13 April 2012


Stumbled across this and it was perfect for my mood.

Wonderful Easter lead-up! My calendar my own.

Looked over the previous years' calendars, full of plans marked in, each one shot down by maman's last minute trivia, none of worth or fairness.

Living by lists which is the way to go for me until i've dismantled my slave habits. Wonderful vaccuums to fill; still odd to be able to craft my own life and not mentally water plans down to accommodate last-minute dictation.

  • Playing all the music I like and only just recently not instinctively moving to reduce volume on the good bits.

    Disciplined days ~ ruthless running hours because it's my choice, not running dog obedience.

  • Cooking by puter - hilarious happy scenes, buy ingredients, learn from Youtube, sprinting back n forth between skillet and screen. Some triumphs.

  • Mowing lawn and shearing loose ends. Some berk turns up to check I'm OK.
    "Aha! gardening, good exercise"

    I snarl, "Good exorcise." I do not offer him refreshment.

    Refused all invites to Easter dinners. Foolishly waiting for last-minute dream date. Lying to one n all that i'm like sooo booked up with all the kind folks taking me in.

  • Fencing ~ the German girl is mailing me daily. Too proud to admit that she n her man are distancing. She broke me and, now I'm over it, I tease her about it and we pretend our lives are too full for each other.

    Where eat? - She knows all the places and asks me where i'll celeb Pasqua, I tell her still not sure, she asks with whom I'll be eating and I say none and she, being very German, chides me for not organising my life better. Secretly, she is pleased. Games we play.

    I tell her I will grab her for a decent nosh at the last minute and she feigns resistance.

    "Why to eat out at expensive restaurant? You all the prices are elevated for Easter."
    I tell her because i dont have a good cook like the German girl to make the perfect meals as I choose the music and act as assistant to open the good wine we can buy sans corkage and the fresh ingredients from the market.

    She is silent.


    She asks me am i playing the music I like and sends me an AC/DC track (which she calls Acca/Dacca).

    "But i dont like AC/DC!"

    Cook for such a man?

    "Wait! You dont wait to hear it and you decide? I am going to cook for such a man?"

    I listen to it and it's gentler than i thought. I reply, 'ok, so it's not so bad'

    "But i am always telling you so."

    I tease her further: she lived in Crete for 3 years and then came to Kerkyra and married a Greek. She introduced me to Mitropanos and now denies it. I count the cockcrows.

    I say thanks but no thanks to Acca Dacca; I send her Haris. She doesnt like my finding gems on my own.

    Pleaser teaser: I'm loving this Easter prep. There's something about teasing someone who had you sobbing in the bath, but this time protected by a carapace.

    At first hearing i thought it was a spoof on that Team America 'Im so ronery'.

    Alors - a gentler Καλό Πάσχα to all y'all.


    Corfu Bluesman said...

    I hope she hasn't put you on the County Farm...but maybe the gardening is getting to you?

    Jazz Gillum. Hadn't heard any of his songs for a very long while.

    Corfucius said...

    do you know? i have not thought or looked at or heard the vile word for ... i dont bother to work out since when.

    i told kosta not to bother to come, i'm not wasting money in that direction - but he seems to come and i dont make an effort to pay and im too busy keeping the car on the straight n narrow drive to look left or right. she is not a gardeneuse or if she is she's keeping sensibly darned quiet.