12 April 2012

Lear Bronze

margot statueNot that one, of course ~ that's not Eddie Lear, that's a piece by clever Margot Roulleau Gallais who's clinched a commission for a bronze bust and plinth of EL for his Bicentenary, 24 May - 31 Aug 2012.

  • You and I know her better as grand-daughter of the late and much-missed Kostas Kondis, not to mention the splendid parties given by her parents.

    All terribly exciting about the Lear exhibition and everyone is joining forces to make this a real success.

  • Much more to follow on this and world-wide events planned.

  • Evreka! Just had the most brilliant idea ... do you think the chaps at Google have heard of Edward Lear? How about a Google doodle on 12th May? The scope for a really good doodle is enormous.

    lear pic

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