19 April 2012

look back angry

FORMAT SCREWED: yo! just to let you know that i do know the format is all screwed up. idiot 'blogger' has 'updated' itself without asking and so the code is full of spans and divs and brs and font families et al crap and the font size changes altho' it doesnt show where or how in HTML editing mode.

Bear with this all as i look further into it.


Oh dear, that bodes no boot.
Looking back is the new forward up here in Corfucius Heights and the pent-up pavlovian anger of six years Gab 'n' Gardenry the only pandoran box of feelings left me.
But I did have to smile the other day:
I stopped off at the cemetery because it seemed the right Easterly thing to do and because down by the prison was the only place I could park for my intended stroll round the bustling esplanade, and because I thought I'd get some photos to send my brother to placate and give a good impression.
The plot looked a bit shabby and I made a note to make a note on the calendar to tidy it up before the CMG bunch arrive.
A day or two later Kosta addressed me excitedly about visiting the grave and planting 'luluthia' all around.
Well, you can imagine my amazement ~ how the dickens did he know about my cheery extra verse to Cee-Lo's song, and what a marvelous cheeky memorial.
Groovin' thru Gouvia baubles bereft
Where even the luluthia have the stench of theft
I nodded and grinned appreciatively and told him 'Carry on' and 'Any time' and all the things one says on these occasions.
I also took him down to point out our luluthia (hacked to within an inch of its olfactory buds) as if to enquire,
"That? You mean plant that over the grave?"
He nodded and grinned even more excitedly so I nodded back and muttered about 'kali synechia' and sent him back to his murderous hacking ways.
Met up with a pal a few days later and told her my Luluthia Tale and she burst out laughing and gave me various fond pecks, the sort that keep a man's spirits up and hopeful:
"But luluthia is just Greek for flowers. All he meant was to go to the grave and make it nice."
Maybe, but it's still a good cue for the song - the realsong, not the wimpo six-letter version I link to here out of respect for beady-eyed family readers of my postings.

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