15 May 2012

girl green



Simon Baddeley said...

Good to meet. I wasn't tongue tied! Thanks for the most useful word in Greek. S

Corfucius said...

How nice of you to write. Neither of is was tongue-tied.
in ref the most useful word, it worked for me again. i was at jumbo leaving a car at suzuki for fixing and asked about buses back to town. grimly satisfied shakes of head if not ignored completely. 'loipon', i said gravely, the weight of the nations and the cares of every widow and pensioner throbbing in my resigned voice.
one chap cracked ... "isnt maki going into town soon?"
'loipon' i nodded briskly, not overly awed by suzuki corfu single-handedly hauling the world back from the precipice - but 'appreciative'.