07 November 2012


  • Exasperating thread on the Corfu Grapevine, to which I won't even provide a link because I wash my hands of the whole bunch.

  • Question was, is it Kassiόpi or -opey. FFS, it's on every road-sign.

  • Simon succinctly provides grik, which should have ended further discussion.

  • Mais non, on they drivel.

  • Then people start chipping in with 'Does it matter?'

  • By the Linguaphone of Leonídas! Of course it matters! You're fronking living in the country, you have the chance to learn this most beautiful and subtle of languages.

  • I fear more than despair: I have a glimpse of the grunting Midian hosts that must always have been out there.

  • There is no hope.

    Baddeley link - that link there isn't about 'oaf' or 'off' pronunciations but a page I moaned about not finding of Aleko Dasmaskinos teaching Greek in Sally's bar.

    Actually, it's a pretty damn'd fine page in toto and I was reading it for its beauty and precise writing and then scrolled down to the lesson. SB goes into the lesson in fine detail. I shall stick to vague outlines and only home in on goofs or tittle-tattle of my fellow pupils.

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