13 November 2012


Hilariously dotty article in the Grauniad by Polly Toynbee, complaining that soap operas do not reflect contemporary reality because they “avoid having characters discuss politics”.
The article is too stupid to recommend reading but some of the reader comments really got me giggling.

I share below.

Coronation Street as written by Polly:

Betty: Pint of your usual Ken?
Ken: How can I drink when child poverty is increasing by 13% a month according to an Institute of Studies and the Tory government are determined to throw the poor onto the bonfire?
Betty: Oh I know luv, I've tried getting a grant to turn the Rovers into a Sure Start Centre but it was impossible thanks to vicious Tory Cuts.
Ken: I don't have time to drink anyway, as I've got to get home to watch Ed Miliband's speech to the TUC now.
Perhaps the Archers could broadcast an episode where they actually find the mystical socialist money growing trees.

Now that would help us all.

Alfie: Kat, what's wrong? You're not your usual self today? Are you ill?
Kat: I'm okay. It's just I'm worried about the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement. It's higher than it should be at this point in the financial year.
Alfie: I know what you mean. A few weeks ago when I saw the Spanish government's borrowing costs I nearly had a heart attack.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the link!

Corfucius said...

i did not. my purple prose and quotes suffice.

surf for polly if u're so keen

Anonymous said...

I only said that because you normally spoil your readers by putting in a link!


Corfucius said...

I do indeed but in this case, as in so many with Toynbee, i regarded it as beneath reading.

yes, i do spoil my readers - more than most blogs i know, and with generally top-hole photos.

i thought i'd let you come to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding it!