02 June 2013

LEGS ON THAT WOMAN - song for Caroline

Caroline has shoved me onto Youtube - first ever for me.

I sound appallingly feebler than I thought I did yesterday, what with Rob's cool amp gear.

But it's all cool because it has Denise wafting around.

I'm croaking my churchy composition, "View of the Cross", which I wrote with C in mind and had hoped to sing at last year's fair.

I liked the idea of standing up on God's acre before the Faithful and cheekily lauding Caroline's jambes jolies in full hearing of Him in his Heaven (not to mention Carolina's slightly more terrestrial boyfriend who was also there. Oh man, I do love to live dangerously. But I digress)

Disclaimer - I did worry about Mon Bon Dieu taking it the wrong way but I'm sure He knows about them dauber pins - prolly sneaked a peek when the cherubimbos weren't watching.

Lost My View of the Cross

Too many pulpits, not enough priests
Too many injuns, too many chiefs,
Too much taking for granted my Father's forbearance
With all my moaning and grief -
Something tells me i've lost my view of the cross.

Mister Moneychanger with your coats and your ties
To the bright lights no stranger where the women writhe,
You sent your boy to the best schools, your friends all got him jobs,
My Father sent his only Son to the Cross.

chorus: Dont block my view of the cross, mister,
Let your faith shine thru, 
It's the only view i've got, sister,
How Jesus died for me and you

Come on down, babe, won't you sit by me,
I'm just a lonely sinner, hoping for the Lord's mercy
I thought i was the bee's knees, thought i'd won the toss,
I shoulda read the small print on the cross 

Walking in the Garden of Gethsemane, in the cool of the day,
No hicksters no tricksters no enemies, or that's what the Good Book says
But they pinned him to the nearest tree so He could end his day
With a view, you get a good view from the cross

verse: Did you hear the cock crow, thrice on the dot?
Did you know the Galilean? of course you did not,
Peter's face in the firelight, talk about guilty and lost,
There's a man needs a good view of the cross

chorus - Dont block my view of the cross, mister,
Theres a green hill far away,
Jesus said to love one another, 
Or look pretty foolish come Judgment Day

Lean against me, girl, say you love me too,
You dont have to mean it, coz im so crazy 'bout you:
A woman like you at a good man's side,
Gates of Heaven open wide, 
Gabriel blow his trumpet and in you glide,
A one-woman view of the Cross.

Morning has broken, harsh words been spoken,
New sermons smokin' all over town,
I love her style, I crave her smile, I fear her good Greek wife frown ~
And the legs on that woman make a preacher lay the Good Book down. 

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