05 June 2013

MALCOLM BRABANT - powerful new book

Action stations, Corfucian Irregulières. Pocket books out and run-don't-walk to buy our hero Malcolm Brabant's Bernardian-titled Malcolm Is a Little Unwell - a "brutally honest – and often darkly funny – account of his illness, and his battle for compensation." 

In a typically brave and modest email, Malcolm writes:

"Please excuse the slightly impersonal pitch. 
I'm hoping to persuade you to buy my e-book, 'Malcolm is a Little Unwell' which has just been published on Amazon's websites to critical acclaim.
The book describes my descent into insanity after I received a routine yellow fever vaccine. 
It also documents my attempts to get justice from the Big Pharma company whose inoculation poisoned me. There are no hard copies of the book. You can only download it on to a Kindle, or another smart device with a free downloadable Kindle app."
It is also on sale at Smashwords.com and here.
  • facebook ~ Brabant v Sanofi Pasteur - Truth Now 

We all know Malcolm Brabant, ffs - the familiar face and voice to us all via his sharp BBC reports.

Many of my posts passim have been improved if not inspired by Malcom's despatches from the firing line.

Try here.

Get out there and buy this book.

STAMARIL ~ The reason, MB believes, for the catastrophic events that overtook him, was a dose of Stamaril, a yellow fever vaccine, which he had received on April 15 2011. 

Since then he and his wife Trine have sought answers for his terrible terrible descent into a series of psychotic episodes after a routine jab. 

MILU is described as 'a brutally honest – and often darkly funny – account of his breakdown' and I believe it. It rings of our Mr Brabant.
  • ekathimerini“He was unrecognizable,” his wife Trine Villemann says. Brabant explains he told her he was the Messiah, he tried to use his “powers” to make his Kindle fly and even wrote to his employers at the BBC telling them that he was ready to forgive them their sins."
"'What have I learned from this?' he tells EnetEnglish. 'That there is a very thin dividing line between being sane and crazy... Being successful one minute and homeless the next'"

      Buy. Read. Mobilise.

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