21 June 2013


Brand on superb form, 'eviscerating' MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' news-lite arrogantia. Not that you have to be particularly on t'ball  to own those wankers - Willy Brand, indeed ...

  • Morning Joe page - clearly every bit as ham-handed as they came across. 
  • I hope this humiliation runs and runs and squashes those anchors' smug faces in their media faeces, if only as a lesson on how to conduct themselves in their next jobs.
Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of the show who owned up 'on camera' that she wasn't up on 'Pop Culture'. 

The smug cow had the mika well and truly extracted by Brand, proceeding to crumple down to pushing her chair away from RB and ending up goosing the Gatorade, well remarked on by her guest.

Glossy shambles of a breakfast show (Guardian)
    Youthful Brand
    • RB, genuinely baffled: "You convey news to the people of America? People of America, we're gonna to be OK. Everything's alright. These are your trusted anchors."
    • (And wonderfully), "You need to lose that ring, Mika, cause it don't mean nothing to ya.". Oh poh poh - Game, Set, and Crash
    Katty Kay

    "Is this what you all do for a living?" 

    Naming and shaming:

    Co-host Mika Brzezinski

    Brian Shactman

    Katty Kay
    [Big-girl's blouse. A right Jessie]

    Biggest Loser ~ The real ninny here is the bovine Shactman, completely out of his depth, flailing like the bogus talking head he was exposed to be. When his employers play back the tape to unravel wtf went wrong under Brand's scything, it'll be Shacters they'll spot for an early bath. God knows how he conned MSNBC into letting him loose on mainline TV but he's busted now and drained of all moral stature or authority.

    First on his shopping list should be a lesson in comportment, followed fast by a soup├žon of backbone. His 'colleagues' will be distancing themselves as I type as 'infected' and a sure thing to bring down anyone foolhardy enough to get too close.

    Brzezinski and Kay may be lazy clueless bunglers but Shactman is the real thing, a de-constructed buffoon that even his employers will spot as urgently disposable. 

    Brzezinski is safe. She's made sure her networking parachute is  packed and potent at each stage.      

    Tee hee ~ I don't think there's any imminent danger of anyone talking about an 'invisible' Russell now. Wanker anchors beware ~ Extra-terrestrialise this! 

    Nice to think that the massive publicity for Messiah is already rolling thunder and all subsequent coverage will have to refer back to this 'Morning Joe' cavalcade of cock-ups.   

  • “Thank you for your casual objectification”: ComPost's Pungent punditrice Alexandra Petri nails the knackered, likening the hosts to 'a kitten pouncing on what it assumes is a dazed snake and discovering it has latched onto the tail end of a dragon. Cringe-inducing.' Well said Alexandraki. 

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