31 July 2014

SIMPSON CLOSE ESCAPE ~ so many people ask for repeats of this close encounter of the bottled kind, or are telling ME my own story that i feel safe telling it without finding anna n me pilloried in 'desiderata' (or any other hamlet, for that matter)
let me see how light n airy i can keep this cliff-hanger of a tribute to the young.

a month before my jan 20 stroke of 2-14, our local holy trinity kirk held a genial 'meet-yr-local AA' session to which i turned up to see who were my fellow boozers. i was impressed how many showed up to be counted. no surprises there n few averted gazes. takes 1 to know etc i guess. cut to dec 15 n i thought it would be a jolly exercise to romp thru yule sober so i told everyone id joined AA and enjoyed thei admiring gazes - Wtf chris, if youre one i dunno what i am. qed etc.
then 1/20 '14 n i was struck down my nightmsre began with horrific 'imprisonment' n loss of inedependence. thick shades of my early boarding school days ~ shoved in lonely institution with others with whom i had not one shred in common. if id had a pill idve taken it. 
then my gals came out n worked miracles n i knew my Father wanted me to see what a gift stephanie had given me. 
loipon - stroke-struck, daughter nursed, visited by my fellow Groggers n i decide to pay back years of boozy bliss by offerin san luca as weekly meeting venue.
bless us but what a droopy dull bunch we were. i couldnt imagine knocking back a decent g&t with any of them - exc ept one. a clearly in telligent witty chap (see link) with whom i thought i got on rather well and even anna npticed the spark bond. cut to anna's search for live-in nurse cook n tiens! DS turned out to belong to one of these bunches who specialise in such skilled care. holy moley batman, we're saved. up to a point o lorthos koperou. plans made for DS to take up dream gig, he moves in, anna briefs him n everyone happy. the night before she's due to fly back to agios diego, she finds shes erred with her flight n has to stay a few more days. DS doesnt look too happy, for some reason, in those few days he crashes n burns, in front of both me m my sternly efficient daughter returning from diellas with a jumbo-sized flagon of Alcool that he proceeds to get sozzled on thus blowing his chance of Easy st. gouvia - but phew what a close shave. anna had 24 hrs to find me a new carer n remove Simpers, both of w3hich she did with brisk aplomb. i tell you, she n leo have my undying admiration; how many sweet kids in their 20s xouls take on a hungover crittur in his 60th year w/ very sore head n persude him to leave quietly n be driven to airport n end tyhe nightmare?.  god bless them.   anna n i agreed we still have nightmares over how close i came to being lumped with El Desidero. im frankly surprised not to have seen a confessional piece appear regretting his goof. but everyone who's heard the tale has read up his blog n knows the Naxos tale. to be continued    

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