16 July 2014

The eyes have it

blazing morning zand i want to get out with thears in thr garden, except that my strokes of jan 20 ubckuded a stroke of ythr optic nerve n im not safe on my own. i have no perpiphweral

 vision, not even two words on a headline next to each other. i walk into edges of open doors, metal tables, people, overhanging branches; i get dizzy n whirl about before tumbling in to gutters. painful. its constant pressure on my eyes n i get tired n then collapse. but i have a story to tel n i dream of writing wriytinhg writing so i must press on.
blogs! what nonsense. does anyont get the voice right? either too smart alecky or too portentous n self-serious. dunno if theres an answer but it'll be fun ttrying. at least with my eyes i wont be waxing lengthy n tedious. more news from the caliphate once ive plodded round the property - 1118hrs, 16 july

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