05 July 2014

tough gettin back to blogging fter the stroke. i'll have to do like the street corners of beijing (corfu too) n shove up talking points n let them take their head. in this case being some bizarre emails n received and with which family n friends are well familir: when i went into hospital ther medical costs were whizzing like the meter on a baghdad cab, the faithful rushed round n did a minimalist sale. not minimalist enough. ive pinned the email printout to the door posts so that when vieux 'friends of san luca' come round hoping to buy some memento of late maman i point to the memo dangling in the breeze n they retreat blanching. . # 2 concerns a dame laura knight  easel that i hasd no idea was meant for a good pal of maman's. apparently so, i bugged every single landline call on 24/7 basis n never neard nuffink about no frogging ezel knieval. go figure. get up singing n crying yeh? am i bovvered?

loipon, lets see where this phoenix blog rambles.

on my marks ... blog!

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