27 June 2008

Baddeley Mock

frisell guitar

So there I am dishing some awe over Billy Bob Frisell's new offering and just ever-so casually mentioning that you can take the reviewer out of Bainbridge but ya cain't stop the freebies tumbling onto the 'welcome' mat. Tiens! In swoops nemesis mou Dottore Baddeley with precise and hurtful mockery over how I can't resist showing orf.

Well! Talk about feedback.

Many of the folks there that night, grinding away to 'Change Gonna Come', they thought Badders and I must be in cahoots to further my plugs and CD store.


My dears, I have submitted myself to the mercies of producers and 'master' engineers and I know klass when it honks thru the Wharfedales or oozes thru the Sennheiser cans ... and messrs Lee Townsend and Greg Calbi are the 'It' men.

Track 10, the Sam Cooke tribute, is perfection of balance and crescendo of excitement.

How does Bill put it? "I don't fight, I don't dance." Right on: all the aggro pranks *he* gets up to is on the fretboard, and he know loops, tones and electronica tomfoolery enuff to be a nightmare to yer average engineer/production maestri.

Listen this track, preferably with your rider swaying in your arms, and listen to the sneaky Tower of Power build-up as Bill does his Duane Eddy 'Twang's the Thang' meets Hank Marvin chops.

Damn but it reminded me of Bill's rendering 'live' of Shenandoah on the East/West chef d'oeuvre.

Ms Nellie after listening to the Greg Tardy solo

And just when you think you've 'got' it, enter Geg Tardy's tenor with a solo that he rides hard and puts up wet. Check that boy out because he's got a tune and tone on him that every time he wails, the ladies press closer and raise their heads the cute puckering way they do .... shudder.

Now that, my lord Baddeley, *that* is showing off.

Skolion ~ rather apt, that. Sounds like Skullion. Remember the porter in Tom Sharpe's 'Porterhouse Blue'?

That verray parfit gentil knyght, my liege Baddeley, always gives good comment and when he includes a link it's worth spelling it out for the rest of you who'll never bother to paste to taste.

I see he also links to Mike's Panorama shot of Ano Korakiana which is an area I know so I sat there as the camera turned, waiting for the money shot. Hmm.


Sibadd said...

I like to be out of my depth. It means at times I'm stung by a hustler but it also means I get to enjoy "things you people (not you C) wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion... C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate." http://democracystreet.blogspot.com/search?q=Young+tiger
Write on...God how James Joyce would have envied us mortals the hyperlink.

Busker said...

*very* good! and dammit about the Joyce reference. we had a singing prof over from Univ College Dublin (UCD?) to celebrate Bloomsday. He and i bandied words during which I *wish* i'd thought to drop in the hyperlink comment. How JJ would have gone green, indeed.