14 June 2008

done blowin

Done Blowin'

Dad died 27 years ago today, so to the cemetery with flowers and sombre thoughts.

There, I visited my 2nd favorite, the horn player.

I always think the inscription should read Done Blowin' or Done Wailin'.

I think for myself I'd like a strummer leaning on a shattered fretboard; Done Frettin'.

I'd toyed with DunGreppin' once upon a time but I like the strumming image better. Done picking.

Smashed up Fender? Scratched Gretsch Country Gemmun with Bigsby couchant? Right on.

A pun on having picked and now being picked. I'll leave that to my girls to choose something suitable.

The light was good today caught his foot, splaying over the plinth.

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