13 June 2008


Bill 'Free'-sell

God bless devoted readers of my crazed blogging.

I'm listening to the latest Bill Frisell double CD and it didn't cost me a drachma. Came gratuit all the way from dankest Denver CO from a nice reader who's liked my earlier reviews and blogabbing and thought the music stores of Corfu isle might lack the newer cool stuff than when I could just stroll down Ferncliffe and into the BI Musicarium.

The really weird thing is that just the other night I was lamenting to no one in special about the good old days back in Bainbridge when hardly a mail would arrive without a package from

  • Melissa
  • the legendary Lee
  • My generous hero, Chip
  • ... Even PR doyenne Phyllis Oyama let me know when fellow Bainbridge strummer Maestro Frisell updated his CV.

    If you write it, the gifts will come.

    Blow me down with a capo: quel shock to have the postie delivering History, Mystery; I'm loving it.

    cover picWas playing it on the Nissan stereo as I drove Hector to his eaterie and when we got there he was like:

    "Give me that. I play it for the customers."

    And damn me if he didnt, all night long.

    He's got this major system there and the sound was heavenly.

    "What is this?" someone yelled, "It's GOOD!"

    "Vasilis Frizellos," bellowed back Hector.

    "Louder!" someone else demanded, so Hector cranked it up to 11 and we all called for another round of Metaxa 5-star.


    Simon Baddeley said...

    You are such a show off but I like it! S

    Busker said...

    thank you, simon. that gives me my reason for pressing on. just as well you like it: it is the whole raison de blogger and committing this ephemera to print.
    if you thought this was show-offy, what about pretending to have been present when Sedition was manualising? scary.