15 June 2008

PERLz Before Swain

I trust y'all are subscribed up to the hilt in Seditioness and have read The Commandments.

I try to URL-drop the Mountain Man's whereabouts whenever I can because of the Streetcred that attaches, and none more than this latest outpouring to RTFM.

What particularly pleases me is that I *think* this is one occasion when Street CreduliTEE is permitted: I do believe I was there when M'lud was practising what he preacheth.

He and I once served under the same lash, oaring the Good Ship Bezosia towards affluent waters.

We would have weekly meetings during which the team would solemnly dissect reps' performances and devise new tortures to keep them in line and meet their quota of calls and emails.

Except for the Big Guy there, who'd perch on the window sill with his nose in an O'Reilly and feign total absence from the chatter. Of course, when we tried to catch him out with a "Don't you agree?" or "What think you?" he'd turn out to've been listening along and snap back an irritatingly informed response and go back to R'ing TFM.

Bloody distracting for me because, as per the pics here, you can see they have intriguing jacket illustrations. Because The Maestro got thru a book a day, each meeting held a new thrill. We sort of felt like Noah as he counted the passengers in.

("Ooh, you're an interesting one. Oi! Someone get that fly ... ack ptui, too late. Oh well.")

Anyway, I just wanted to swank a bit and get my oar in before some smartie pants goes 'Yawn, yes tres interessant, old fruit, but I guess you had to have been there."

Well, I was.

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