11 August 2008

Jamie Lynn Repro Rap

This is like so-o patronising to my two readers who will not have the faintest idea who Ms Lynn is.

I am referring to the sister of the slightly famouser Britney (who gets in her own jams). At the tender age of 16, JL got preggers and shocked the world (minus readers of this blog).

In particular, she must have shocked kiddie viewers of her TV show (who would not have known about sex) and their parents, who would have hoped that Ms Lynn was relatively unaware, certainly to the point of "doing it".

The splendid rap video on the subject of procreation comes thanks to the even splendider sedition.com, of whom I trust my readers are tastefully unaware - which makes this a somewhat exclusive posting, if only as a bar-room bet winner to the challenge:

"Betcha anything ya cain't show me Jamie Lynn Spears and sedition.com onna same page."


Onna *same* page?


"There some trickery here, but ok, show me."

(Nota bene how I don't even bother to mention that the Youtube clip is a spoof. It would make not a jot of difference)


Anonymous said...

Two readers? Make it three now!

Busker said...

Thank you *so* much. I won't start boasting online yet but I will certainly brag about hitting the Big Three in the Snug Bar of the local taverna.
You sweetie; just when morale was flagging.