11 August 2008

Lara Croft

Alison Carroll, the new Lara Croft

Too many readers (aka Sid and Doris Bonkers) have posted complaints that this blog has "lost the plot" (whatever that mumbo-jumbo means).

Not at all, dear hearts. I am merely much choosier these days of the vedettes I feature.

Mignonne gymnast Alison Carroll (23) fits all bills with her recent appointment as "the new face of Lara Croft".

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rwells said...

plot? blogs have plots? i could plotz.

Sibadd said...

If Thucydides could have blogged that's how he'd have described the Peloponnesian Wars - a timeless diary of 28 years of messy plotless heroic shameful confusion that he stops one day. 'He went first to Ephesus where he made a sacrifice to Artemis....' Ditto Herodotus and Homer. All the chapters and books and parts 1,2,3 were added by later publishers and translators. No grand finales, last word, profound conclusions, but wise in knowing things don't finish.