07 August 2008



Doncha hate meeting someone new who gets yer heart pumping?

Out to all the sunset views, holding hands, brushing lips, heavy eye contact ... lingering thigh caress ....

All that schmaltzinanity all over again, and we know where it's going.

Thump dump gazump.

Two Francis Bacon stories, both from Muriel's RIP, the darling:

  • Someone asked him why he didn't move to Switzerland?

    "What? Have to put up with all those fucking views?"

  • Muriel's always had a TV running but way up in the rafters so it never intruded.

    Another regular was there, Tom "Dr Who" Baker. On came Doc Who and Francis said, "But that's YOU up there, you cunt."

    "Yes", said Tom. "Twenty three million people watch that. Got it? Do you think 23 HUNDRED people know or care who you are? CUNT."

    Three Francis stories, come to think of it.

    Francis always bought a bottle of champers and weaved his drunken way round pouring into everyone's glass. I'd seen how they preyed off him and one night said "No thanks Francis, I won't sponge off you."

    Shock horror. he stopped and asked Muriel, "Darling who is this divine boy who "won't sponge off me"'?

    M told him i was ok but not for him, but ever after we were pals and he would insist I sponged.

    Hilarious moment one evening when he took me aside: "Darling, some writer wants to do my story. Would you check him out? I'll pay."

    It was doyen David Sylvester. FB kept saying "Only if it's all right by Christophoros." (squeeze of hand, tilt of Moet).

    God I felt uneasy.

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