12 July 2009

Borat does Corfu

Hilarious stuff.

Apparently, Corfu is,

" ... predominantly of the most spectacular rubbernecker destinations in all of Greece.

The ait [sic] opened its doors to cosmopolitan visitors and tourists method primal in 1970s. It has been more than three decades without delay that the islands tourism infrastructure has pinched people from a beneficent and far-reaching.

The beguiling countryside, elaborate olive plantations, thousands of reject produces like fruits and herbs, slander impetuous flowers, wonderful hamlets on the mountain slopes, up to the minute coastal villages, excellent beaches and some compelling and famed museums and churches enhances the islands notorious as the dab hand bequeath of absence ambition in all of Greece.

... Boutique hotels capability be valuable but they are advantage the mephitic elaborate.

... You may also arise across a Corfu B & B that is situated on a hillside and provides unmatched feeling of the ginormous Ionian Sea as spurt. In proves of those who esteem a gainful Corfu B & B nigh the bank, as a replacement for them there are plentifulness of choices.

Another respected discredit someone’s dilapidated a rУle advantage mentioning is the transportation powder-room provided nigh a Corfu B & B. All such far-out services and features at a Corfu B & B can confidently bring round the hearts of its guests bringing them to this wonderful ait again and again."

Wonderful stuff.

I would never think of clicking to 'cancel riposte'.

A delightful "promenade over alliance in house of tourism contumely".

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