14 July 2009

Ms Ticherou's Burden

~ Kavos Emptor ~

Chris Bryant, Foreign Office Minister with responsibility for consular affairs, will visit Athens and Corfu on 14 and 15 July to look at the preparations British consular staff have made to help Brits who find themselves in trouble ...

Quoth CB: "Every year millions of British holiday makers come to Greece and have a great holiday, but every year some have bad experiences which could have been prevented."

... thousands of posters, leaflets, beer mats, and information cards are being distributed across Greece ... key message: enjoy your holiday, but be aware and take care.

  • 'Another Side to Paradise' travel safety messages
  • 'Don’t be a Dick!' and 'Don’t Miss Out!' activity in Club 18-30 and 2wenty's resorts across the Mediterranean.
  • I take action-men pals who can look after themselves on Xtreme Safaris to Kavos to observe the wildlife. Its main claim to fame still seems to be the blow job competitions organised a few years back by 18-30 reps, filmed and photographed in lubricious detail and ending up in one of those greasy tabloids.

    Psst - was only joking about Madame Ticherou's sisyphean task: everyone glows with approval at the grand job she's doing.

  • Hebe's Complex up to their usual trick(s) - how many times have I heard this one over the past 3 years?
  • Greek holiday hell - super headline, well subbed that man.
  • Don't be a dick

    FYI Update: while on the Subject of Sarah, she has efficiently updated her email to Sarah.Ticherou@fco.gov.uk

  • Katerina and Charlie's are now katerina.koriem@fco.gov.uk and charlie.picoula@fco.gov.uk respectively
  • The general address remains as corfu@british-consulate.gr

    I mention this because I know from bait mail that trickles thru my portal that my discerning readership includes not a few residents of Prosperonia.

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    Sibadd said...

    Kavos? Isn't that another word for the gates of hell?