06 July 2009

Drunk carpenter saws off penis

Ouch! Yaroo! and all that ....

All the same, I'm sure there's less than meets the eye here:

Think about it:

  • The bloke's a carpenter who uses sharp and sometimes dangerous tools. As do many professions.
  • He's in his home workshop cutting wood for a cabinet.
  • He fancies a drink. He drinks. He over-drinks.
  • He drinks so much he actually saws his penis off??
  • So what sort of carpenters do they turn out up there in Wantage, Oxon? According to the DIY penis-lopper's Mum:
    "This was an unfortunate accident but these things happen all the time to people in his profession."
  • Carpenters slicing off their johnsons all the time? [my itals].

    Well I never.

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