20 July 2009

Mercy Dash

Whenever I read of a 'mercy dash', I recall that winner back in the late 1960s of a sure-fire headline seller for a newspaper:

"Black bishop in mercy dash to Palace"

I suspect the blackness of the bishop has lost some of its shock power these days but it's still a neat concept.

  • Skullion Skolion: The un-nodding Sinbad keeps me honest:
    "No no - it's

    Bishop in sex-change mercy dash to Palace."


    Sibadd said...

    No no - it's Bishop in sex-change mercy dash to Palace, but I like the idea of adding a dash of colour..

    Busker said...

    Once again, Sinbad is right. Thank goodness for this feeble blog, so that misremembered chestnuts get pounced on by my trained in-house fact-checkers, gratis, to boot.