15 December 2010


17 October 2010

Photo update on an unfairly rainy day

I have more recent ones that I want my mother to comment on and describe how why and what has taken place since her hard work.

You can see it here.

I'd meant to keep it upper to date but the disappointment of the ... well, treachery is my naive strong word that comes to mind for the cynical use of mum's skill and love of gardening ... the disappointment killed my zeal to keep the post going.

If you will use the link above you will see my mother's selfless work and, in a way, my own effort as botanophobe lensman not to let her work go unrecorded.


Simon Baddeley said...

Such studied neglect takes years to achieve.

Corfucius said...

yr right and i have new ones. i wanted my mum to describe what she saw so i could rub it in but then i realised it would distress her so i left it for the time being. but i'll get her to add captions anon. i need to resize them.

thanks for sympa comment

Simon Baddeley said...

I know quite a bit about parks and gardens in UK. The sad story on your blog earlier this year suggested your mum was used by people at the bottom of the pile to send a message to those higher up. I wonder if George P at the Cemetery would have some insight into what's going on there, and where you could find some leverage, otherwise you'll be beating footsoldiers round the head when there's an officer who ought to be in the frame. Maybe the new Demos, if it settles down, can give the Bosketto the attention it deserves.

Corfucius said...

bigger dangerouser kneecap drillier than that. we know george, not in this picture.

i sleuthed and know now where the cineraria are buried and we were all puppets. thanks for reply and concern.