15 December 2010


Glorious glorious news: the wonderful Louise du Toit and the equally lovely Christos Koulouridis - plus what Louise describes as her Porto Reale Band - will be playing at:

  • Where ~ that jiveass crazy Poco Loco tex-mex eaterie whose Gouvia branch kept me so happy in the summer.

    This gig is at their emporiko disco strip speakeasy on the Au Bar corner.

  • Quando; ~ this Sunday, Dec 19, as ever is.

  • Time - 10pm (Not sure what time that is in Greek hourage).

    Don't all of you roll up, of course.

    S'truth! I don't want to turn up all tuxedo'd and perfum'd and find a load of you scruffs hogging the best booze and benches.

    Louise and Christo are a class act.

    That snap over there was taken at my mother's 90th birthday bash and that sprightly young thing dancing with the host is maman herself.

    Even I had to bribe the butler to let me in.

    Loipon, me first and everyone else via the tradesmen's entrance.

    The staff will find you some dark corner in which to crouch quietly and know your place.

    See you there!

    Meanwhile, I'm using this post as an excuse to listen again to Louise's Just Love.

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