21 December 2010


Very successful launch of mater to Athens.

["Huston, won't believe this, went sans problem"].

Avoided her usual late check-in thanks to her last-min arranging lunch with pal during her 6-hour stay in Athens.

She decided to take a framed print of one of her daubs as a gift and to carry it with her on the plane to avoid breakage.

Won't happen, I told her, they dont allow but one hand luggage, but I'll be there to bring it back.

Loipon, here's how it might come off - we get there early enough to 'negotiate' and allow them to say yes without a queue behind you.

She fell for it and we only left nerve-rackingly late as opposed to the usual chocks-away check in.

Mum at check-in: I'd to carry this with me on the flight.

Check-in girl: You want to take this and also that bag? [reaches for internal phone to get support that it is not allowed]

Me: Mum! How many times do I have to tell you? It's against regulations. Give it here - I'll take it back with me.

Regulations! Dread word that no daughter of Nausicaa will bend to. She replaces phone and withers me with a look.

"Is OK". Nuther mega ray blast in my direction. LOL.

Reminds me of when she left for Hungary, really really late, like literally chocks-away scenario.

I was in a furious state when we checked in, muttering about how my mother didn't deserve to catch the flight. Go on! Tell her she's late, boot her (which they were about to do.)

Rapid phone calls, up comes a handsome uniform who puts his arm round my mother's shoulder and escorts her away from my sulks.

"Madame, this way."

Backward scowl at me, 'Here in Greece we know how to treat our mothers.'

"This way, madame, siga siga, is not hurry. Your ticket? Give me, I will handle. Spiro - ella!"

Back to me, megalo dismisal:

By the pustules of Peribomius! So this is how you xenoi treat your sacred mothers? Pame, madame, we must make distance from your 'son'. Doxa to theo I was here to arrange.
Brrrng! Nai; But no you do not take off yet - nai! tell them to circle until Aegean is ready to leave.

OK, so they re-route to Bombay: Here in Greece we respect our mothers.

Mission accomplis.

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