29 December 2010


  1. I arrived in Corfu 11th April 2006 with a Washington State driving licence valid until July 28 that year.

  2. I tried to renew it online, my daughters and former landlord briefed to lie in case it depended on my still living in the US of A.

    No joy..

  3. I asked our competent and distractingly beautiful lawyer what to do and she whisked my American licence away for translation. Probs and she returned it in case I was pulled over, which I never was.

  4. 7/28 came and went, by which time I was too 'Greek' to worry.

  5. Several pull-overs ~ nae prob.

  6. Feb 2 2008 came and went and I failed to notice the car was no longer insured.

  7. Aug 11 2008, my daughter + b/f came to stay and borrowed the car which, unbeknownst to her, was reported as having been in an 'accident' by an Italian who'd tried to woo her in a Pyrgi bar and been sent packing by her burly chap.

  8. Jan 2009: fuzz arrive at the house requiring me to turn up at the police station.

    I took my lawyer who freaked out later when I discovered the insurance gaffe and owned up to still having no licence, neither of which the officer had checked, too busy checking out la belle

  9. I get insurance pronto

  10. Oct 7: pass test but have to wait a few weeks for licence.

  11. October 14: pulled over on routine papers check. Told to always carry licence.

  12. Licence arrives, pulled over for checking but the officer distracted by car whizzing by whose dusky driver had failed to obey colleague's signal to pull in. Much radioing and I'm told to piss off.

  13. Dec 28 2010: all papers correct and labeled in transparent folder. I am pulled over for routine check.

    I cannot whip them out smugly soon enough.

    I am at last 'legal'.

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