22 November 2011


I'm sorry Chris Bleakley has finally been dumped with her equally abysmal co-host.

She's hot as hell but a disaster as a living moving walking talking TV front person.

But that gorgeous nose and sensuous features ...

Next in the chat chair ~ albeit with that bland bore Eamonn Holmes (no connection whatsoever) ~ is rumoured to be Tassia "Rue my view" Kaplinksky, better known in the parish of Corfu for the little débâcle over her generous hubby building every which way and up.

I must follow up what happened ... I thought there was a suicide in the offing by the bloke whose view they ruined but nowt new has reached my ears.

Ah, there it is ~ scroll down to the bit about topping himself.

kaplinsky Rather nice to be able to adorn a hum-drum story with fotos of two hotties.

But the gem of the whole building saga was 'Domus' Skinner coming out with that wonderful Pseuds Corner corker about

“The estate is one of the most successful restoration projects on Corfu and it would be a great shame if the complaints made by Mr and Mrs Baker muddied the sparkling waters of success
[My itals of course: Sparkling waters, indeed.]

That little Miss 'Bubba' Dominique ... it's howlers like that that make him all worth while the giggles.

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