10 November 2011


~ fineartamerica ~

What greater pleasure than to introduce others to artistry and beauty?

Myself, I love taking a camera out and stalking subjects that catch my eye.

aAlas, there it ends: the result never approaches the joy of the hunt. I lack the eye to frame and have no technical skill when it comes to understanding what's going on in the camera itself.

And I fuss and I faff and try to be too clever by half.

bLook at Kyriakis' understanding of what he's actually seeing - across there and below - and then the painstaking trouble to perfect what actually hits and fits the lens.

Masterly ~ reminds me of one of the Pink Floyd album covers.

And those footsteps - if it'd been me, I'd've been haring up and down the beach trying to salvage some sort of shot before the tide washed over.

Very clever.

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