24 November 2011


Letters to Editor ~ Athens News

Brave letter.

"I am a Canadian, who moved to Greece to live with my husband, a member of the Hellenic Coastguard.

During our three-year relationship, I have learned how corrupt the law is here and how the police abuse their power and, more specifically, how the authorities on the islands get away with everything and ignore all formal procedures and policies.

I have witnessed firsthand fake reports against Albanians and misuse of power and authority. I am disgusted at how those sworn to protect this country and its citizens are mistreating civilians and getting away with it, sometimes even without a slap on the wrist.

My coastguard husband (whom I will soon divorce) has one of the worst records but still continues to possess a gun and serve this country. The truth is the public doesn’t need his protection. Instead, they need to be protected from him and all those like him. He is irresponsible, abusive and violent. He sells steroids, works multiple jobs, flashes his gun to frighten civilians, but yet no action has yet been taken to remove this kind of individuals from the force.

I have currently filled a report to the citizen protection ministry on his crimes and behaviour and I’m waiting for its response. However, I’m doubtful that they will take the proper action to discipline one of their own.

The punishment needs to fit the crime, and this should apply to all people.

I am sure there are many others who have experienced something similar, but there seems to be no organisation that I can find that helps protect civilians when the police are involved.

Name and address withheld"

I just bet it was.

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