21 August 2012

Beautiful Things

Every now and then I shove a bumper number up on my FaceBook page and wish I was also sending it to the Corfuciuraïki Irregulières.

This started life as a plug for the Frangoulis charity concert coming up Aug 31 to present his latest release Beautiful Things.

  • (I tell you, that boy is just too darned beautiful for his own good.)

  • He's right in the Sakis Rouvas mold and I wouldn't like to be in the same dressing room when they face off for a best of three Blue Steel looks, know what I mean?

    [Useful trivia: the no-nonsense blonde to whom Zoolander is showing his dynamite looks appears in lots of his movies and she's always cool and cynical and he always comes off as a buffoon. I said to Anna once, 'doesn't she get fed-up playing against his eternal idiocy? I bet she dreads the casting calls.'

    "Dad! They're married!"

    Hayley WestenraThen I thought it would be a pity to leave out gorgeous-voiced Hayley Westenra [sic] whose Paradiso is set to maestro Morricone's magic. Do click on the clip, she's lovely and he's pretty lovely too.

    Gad, she's got such a beautiful bosom - I'm shoving another pic in. No, it's not pervy or porny because she sings in tune and also has an Australienne accent which lifts her above vulgar lechery.

    Is that a cigarette she's holding there? Boobs and baccy?? My kinda woman!

  • By the time I'd put those two in, I thought oh what the heck, give handsome crooner George Perris a plug, too.

    I tell you, this was one of my better FB offerings - young ladies eyeing me lasciviously in the market place, whispering about "Dude ... you give such good post".

    I should have said,

    Give me your email address and I'll send you my blog URL. You think my Facebook posts are good? Wait til you feel the throbbing HTML of my links.

    (No, I'm not being crude because my throbbing content is all class for this one.)

    Also, I was born in Oz which makes it double bonzer because we don't go in for crudeness Down Under and we know how to treat a sheila. Right, mate?

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