03 August 2012


Compared to the plethora of pedestrian platitudes I wade thru each day, I found the lamby-leaping Ms Papachristou's tsetse Tweet refreshingly to the point and funny, to boot.

Bravo that Athens News Letters Editor [whom God preserve] for publishing this tweet and letting Anthony Harrison of the parish of Καβάλα swing and stew en publique.

To save everyone wading thru the guff, Voula's vibrant jibe was that:

"With so many Africans in Greece ... At least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home-cooked meals".

Guffaw, slap thigh, drench under chilly hosepipe ~ not just a pretty face, jambes puissantes, etc.

Butterfly on a wheel. Or some droit de seigneur senior Olympics wonker is wreaking revenge for La P's refusal to jump his shriveled broomstick.

Read and ridicule

Voula's Home-cooked Chicken

"Phooey to home-cooked West Nile, my darling. Tonight we're eating Grik.

Page 21, Prospero's Kitchen, 'Voula Spéciale'"

Baddeley comment link - Egg Volk

Thank goodness I have the stern-faced Sinbad standing over me to rap my fascist knuckles when I veer off course.

Come to think of it, now I look closer, there is a pinch-faced shrewishness to la PapaC.

Yes, indeed: deflate the Voula doll, take down the West Nile national banner - and shove up Jessica instead.

VOULA ~ Another hot photo and a leap to her defence.

  • "Fascist racist, and stupid, insensitive, and silly ... But racist?"

  • "The only kind of speech that needs protection is offensive speech. You’d think Greece would understand that.”
  • Am I reading that right? Shurely, offensive speech needs protection from?

    Regarding the infamous tweet - Athens News Letters.

    Gorgeous photo - she keeps looking more Britney Spears than the pinch-faced shrew up there in the sandpit.

    Wonderful po-faced bleat from Mr Anthony Harrison of Kavala, hoping,

    "that the families of victims of the West Nile virus and victims of racial harassment, abuse and violence appreciate your editorial (An Olympian task, 27 July 2012) more than I did.

    The repetition of the abusive tweet and the pervasive moral equivocation of your editorial would not have been approved for publication under past editors or owners.

    Whatever its shortcomings over the years, the Athens News could be relied upon for a consistent thread of integrity and now, what has happened? Is your editorial writer on vacation?

    The illuminating feature of the sad affair of the infamous tweet is the decisive, ethical action of the Olympic Committee which provides a salutary model for persons in power and decision makers everywhere.

    This does not deserve undermining in the press ~ Tony Harrison, Kavala."

    The abusive tweet

    With so many Africans in Greece,
    At least the West Nile mosquitoes
    will eat home-cooked meals

    There, the delicious quote again.

    The excellent Oldie makes a point of reproducing the offending cartoon whenever one of its shriveled readers writes in to complain.

    Same with me, red rag to a bull whenever some ancient indigne starts off on the usual moan.

    "Is your editorial writer on vacation?", whinges our Tone. Writer? Where's the writing bit? Harrison's the only person done any writing round here. Honestly, if I had to field roobish like that day after day, I'd need a vacation.

  • Still on the subject of Fascistas for Phwoar!, Sinbad left one of his informative comments and a brace of links to pics. These be they, Reitsch on the left and Mitford with her famed 1,000-yard stare to the right.

    Ee, that Bad Lad has an eye for a pretty girl, no mistake about it.


    Simon Baddeley said...

    It was her 'like' tweets to the eggvolk that did for her - a v.nasty bunch and thank goodness it was fellow Greeks who led the protest. A pretty fascist is such a siren - given most are such poor ads for a master race. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sibadd/7731586854/in/photostream

    Simon Baddeley said...

    ...but while collecting glam fascists how about Diana Mitford? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a4/Diana_Mitford_Photo.jpg
    ...Hannah Reitsch?