31 March 2013


So glad to read in Anna Raccoon's always-excellent Raccoon Arms that Wilf has escaped the 'famous actress' and her spurious spume.

Alors and phew! He lives to deliver his de'athless prose another day in the must-read Oldie.

As you see on the right, WD is defiant to the end and is foolhardy enough to let slip that the vindictive vedette has a daughter.

Once upon a time, when the Corfucian Irregulars included boffins from my ranks in the Amazon galley on both sides of the Pond, I wreaked some damage uncovering lurkers and shirkers from behind my Ionian rampants.

Today, they'd nick me in a trice.

Anyway, bravo Ms Raccoon who, in her incisive prose, trumpets thus:

"So, the first of the Yewtree branches has crashed to the ground, a sound virtually unheard in the forest of bad news today.
So much for the ‘famous actress’ (I had to look her up, such a household name was she). 
We are not allowed to mention her name – her publicist must be devastated - who alleged that Wilfred De’Ath [left, I definitely had to look him up] might have fondled her when she might have been a teenager in it might have been a cinema, but who has now decided to withdraw her allegation.
She still maintains it is true, but feels that she will be lonely in court, since no one else has come forward with similar allegations about the same man.
She only came forward to Yewtree, she says, in the hope that it might give others the courage to come forward."

Excellent piece and Anna keeps her eye on the ball:

"Since posting this, I have seen two further posts by Moor Larkin and Chris Barratt, that are perfect examples of the art of blogging.
Beautifully researched and written, they are essential reading for anyone following the trail of disingenuous ‘witnesses’ to the Savile saga.

Both fine examples of the sort of investigative work that the main stream media should be doing – but are failing to do so, for their own reasons. Do take the time to read them."
DUNCROFT/SAVILE ~ I really should stay in more - how I wish I'd come across this nonpareil blog and De'ath thread when I had the bit between my teeth and was churning out my own paeans of praise for Wilf et al.


Anna Racccoon said...

Better late than never....!

Corfucius said...

You're right - and bravo again on your blog. I'm slow on the uptake here because the April issue of The Oldie has only just reached Greece, in which WD appears gloomy and tetchy about his persecution by the wretched un-nameable vedette. I then remembered your punchy blog and Raccoon Irregulars, as sherlock would have it, et voilĂ ! the result.