08 March 2013

Would-be Housers

Faulks is no fool. He couldnt need the non-money.

I feel protective of Plum, not because I dread reading/hearing the flubbed attempts by ignoranter idiots to take him on, so to speak, but because in a way I'm protecting me ...

"Somewhat ineffectual in real life he revealed his power in his prose. Wodehouse’s gift was not necessarily as a crafter of great plots – few would contest that his stories are somewhat repetitive in nature – but in his mastery of language. 
His words dance off the page and into the brain where they fizz around like the bubbles in fine champagne ... giddy cocktail of allusion and reference that pervades his work.
Indeed, by stealth, he inculcated into readers without the remotest chance of enjoying his academic wealth enough knowledge of Cicero, Shakespeare and Spinoza to get them through the most demanding cocktail party."

The same way no-one can take on The Diary of a Nobody. Or 'Saki'.

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